addiSockwonder LACE

25 cm | Ø 2,0 - 5,0 mm

Product.Nr. 710-7



The 25 cm mini circular knitting needle addiSockwonder has two different length needle tips, on its original addi cord. One needle tip is 45 mm and the other is 70 mm long. Knitting socks is easy with this mini needle, because the longer tip is easier to grip. Also ideal for gloves, sleeves, cuffs or baby clothes. 

After numerous customer requests, there is a new addiSockwonder LACE with sharper needle tips for fine yarn. In the BASIC version (Art.110-7) both needle tips are BASIC. In the LACE version (Art. 710-7) the longer needle has a LACE tip, the shorter needle has a BASIC tip.

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